Safety Tips: Recognizing Electrical Hazards

Every year, thousands of people are severely injured in the workplace due to workplace electrical hazards. Sadly, a great number of these injuries could have been prevented. Learning how to recognize possible workplace electrical hazards is the best way to avoid a serious accident. The good news is that all of the following steps are easy to accomplish and easy to remember.

To do this, you must know which situations can place you in danger. Knowing where to looks helps yo do recognize hazards.

  • Inadequate wiring is dangerous
  • Exposed electrical parts  are dangerous
  • Overhead power lines are dangerous
  • Wires with bad insulation can shock you
  • Electrical systems are tools that are not grounded or double-insulated are dangerous
  • Overloaded circuits are dangerous
  • Damaged power tools and equipment are electrical hazrds
  • Using the wrong PPE is dangerous
  • Using the wrong tool is dangerous
  • Some on-site chemicals are harmful.
  • Defective ladders and scaffolding are dangerous
  • Electrical hazards can be made worse if the worker, location, or equipment is wet.

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