Safety Precautions During The Rainy Seasons

1. Avoid walking in the rain

Well, walking in the rain or jumping into pools of water seems to be fun, especially if you don’t get a chance to enjoy this weather too often. However, this increases your chance of getting attacked by a host of bacteria, which can result in a number of viral diseases.  If you, unfortunately, step in a puddle, make sure to wash your foot with soap and put off wet socks or wet shoes to avoid all sorts of germs.  One of the top safety tips for the rainy season is wearing rubber boots.

2. Equip yourself with an umbrella or a raincoat

Before going outside, make sure to check weather online to know what is likely to happen. It’s best to prepare well for the rain during this season. If a weather forecast says the chance of precipitation is 50% or above, then you should keep an umbrella and a raincoat handy to battle the rains this monsoon. This is one of the best safety precautions during rainy season that not only helps keep you from falling sick but also saves your belongings from getting wet.  We also highly recommend putting your  belongings into a small plastic bag during the rainy season to prevent the rain from ruining them. 

3. Never touch electric wires 

One of the most important safety tips for the rainy season is to stay away from live electric wires⁠, especially the ones that have fallen off. They can cause injury or even death.  If you see these wires lying in a puddle of water, keep away from it as far as possible as you can possibly be electrocuted as wandering the area. Besides, avoid parking your vehicle under power lines or next to utility poles and avoid touching electrical devices. Who knows if they are covered by some sort of shade and are exposed to water?

4. Take precautions against bugs

When it comes to safety precautions during rainy season, taking precautions against bugs and insects certainly gets listed. Pools of stagnant water are their breeding ground, thus monsoon is the perfect time for them to reproduce. As they can transmit some diseases like malaria or dengue, you should keep them at bay by using insect repellents. Other ways to stay safe during the monsoon is wearing long-sleeved shirts, avoid sitting outside in the dark. Using mosquito nets while sleeping is among major safety tips for the rainy season you must follow.

5. Drive slowly and carefully 

No doubt, driving during the monsoon season is challenging even to experienced drivers. Given the fact that wet runways can be slippery, you should keep a safe distance with the car  in front of you. One of the most important safety precautions during rainy season is avoid making any sudden turns and abrupt braking as well. While driving into the rain, you also need to stay away from heavy vehicles and turn on your headlights so that your car is visible. Remember to check your fuel tank, brakes, tires and wipers before driving to make sure they are in good conditions.

6. Unplug electronic appliances

In addition to not touching electrical wires, one of the top electrical safety precautions during the rainy season is to unplug electronic appliances during heavy rainfall. The reason is that voltage fluctuation can damage your expensive appliances. What’s more? If your wiring gets wet, it can put anyone who touches these appliances at danger. Thus, it is advisable to turn off and unplug all such electrical devices before the water enters your house. 

7. Shut down your windows  properly

Closing windows properly is one of the best essential safety precautions during rainy season. This helps prevent water from entering your home. It’s also important to protect your furniture placed near windows by covering it with big plastic sheets. 

8. Eat and drink healthy

Eating and drink healthy is also crucial during the monsoon.  To stay safe, avoid street food and raw vegetables as much as possible. Instead, maintain a nutritional diet that includes cooked food. Also, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated during monsoons. An important note is that water can easily get contaminated in this season, make sure to choose a reliable water source and consume boiled water to stay healthy. 

9. Prepare an emergency kit 

Despite accurate weather forecasts, we can always predict natural disasters before time. Therefore, one of the most recommended safety precautions during rainy season is to prepare well for the worst, especially if you’re living in an area that is prone to flooding. Preparing your emergency kit, which includes clean water, mosquito repellent creams, medicines, battery-backed emergency lights, extra sets of clothes, and socks.

10. Check weather online

Last but not least, keeping a tab on the weather forecast helps you prepare well for bad weather that is likely to approach. Of course, we can neither control the weather nor fight it, but we at least have some early indications of whether it’ll be sunny or it’ll start pouring like crazy. Hence, make sure to view the weather forecast before you go out to adjust your plans in accordance.

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