Safety Tips: The Importance of First Aid/CPR/AED Training

First aid/CPR/AED training for employees is vital to ensure proactive safety measures are in place at your organization. A safe workplace breeds better productivity and avoids preventable losses of manpower and vital man-hours.

5 Reasons Why First Aid/CPR/AED Training is Important for Employees

Safety should be your number one priority. Here are the top five reasons why this training is important:

  1. Helps Prevent Worse Outcomes

It will cost more to deal with a serious injury that escalates due to a lack of first aid training. Getting your employees’ equipped with first aid skills can prevent accidents from getting any worse. Basic training for first aid could be a vital step to ensure no fatality is recorded at your workplace.

2. Reduces the Number of Accidents at Work

Proper first aid training goes the distance to educate trainees on how to engage safety consciousness at work. Such training makes it easy for employees to avoid accidents and injuries while on duty. The right kind of training helps minimize risk and drastically reduces the occurrences of mishaps in a work environment.

3. Encourages a Positive Working Environment :

A working environment where safety training is made compulsory exudes an aura of advanced employee welfare. Employees will feel safer in the workspace and get improved morale boosts to perform duties.

4. Provides Added Safety Training to Employees

Employees with proper first aid certification are an asset to any organization. Workers with proper first aid skills and certification could prove useful if there’s an emergency at your workplace.

5. Ensures Proper Use of First Aid Kits in an Emergency

Correct use of first aid kits after an accident is essential to keep victims stable before they get medical care.

How Can First Aid Help Deal With Injuries/Accidents When They Occur?

First aid/CPR/AED training helps to deal with injuries and accidents by:

  • Helping to keep injured victims in less pain before professional medical help arrives
  • Providing essential items to treat injuries with minimal effect before consultations with a medical expert
  • Stabilizing accident victims before they can access other healthcare services
  • Assisting with proper positioning of accident victims to lessen the effects of an accident
  • Providing support for easier breathing and resuscitation before access to professional healthcare

Get Your Employees Professional First Aid/CPR/AED Certified Today!

Securing correct first aid skills for employees is vital to prevent severe injuries and avoid fatalities. The best way to get correct first aid training is to enlist the service of a professional safety consultancy.

RCL Safety Centre is best equipped to provide your employees with the right training to effectively respond to emergencies. At RCL Safety Centre , we offer an Emergency First Aid/CPR/AED training course.

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Our company (RCL Safety Centre) is an indigenous company dedicated to Health, Safety and Environment Training and Services.

We are technical partners of the National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria (NISCN) as well as approved training partners of most major International Occupational Safety and Health organizations like NEBOSH, and corporate members of ISPON (Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria) with thousands of personnel trained in various areas till date.

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