Safety Tips: Control of Fatigue at Work

Fatigue is more than feeling tired and drowsy. In a work context, fatigue is a state of mental and/or physical exhaustion that reduces a person’s ability to perform work safely and effectively.

It can occur because of prolonged or intense mental or physical activity, sleep loss and/or disruption of the internal body clock.

Signs of fatigue include:

  • tiredness even after sleep
  • reduced hand-eye coordination or slow reflexes
  • short term memory problems and an inability to concentrate
  • blurred vision or impaired visual perception
  • a need for extended sleep during days off work.

Effects of Fatigue

Fatigue at work can affect your

  • Alertness
  • Concentration
  • Judgement
  • Motor skills
  • Reflexes

These can lead to an increased risk of workplace accidents and near-miss incidents, endangering yourself at the workplace.

Preventing Workplace Fatigue

The best approach to preventing fatigue is having adequate rest or sleep. As fatigue is normally caused by a confluence of factors, it is necessary to recognize them to prevent the onset of fatigue. A combination of risk control measures will hence be more effective in managing workplace fatigue.   

Fatigue FactorControl Measure(s)
Dim work environmentProvide adequate lighting.
Hot working environmentProvide adequate ventilation.- Provide facilities for break.
Long working shift– Limit shift work to not more than 12 hours, including overtime.
– Ensure adequate staffing on a shift.
Sustained mentally demanding workSchedule complex tasks during the day.
Monotonous work e.g. standing in a fixed position for extended time periodsInclude activity breaks e.g. simple stretching exercises of limbs and body.

Managing fatigue offers measurable benefits and return on investment, including:

  • increased productivity
  • healthier shift patterns
  • increased employee motivation
  • optimised alertness and decision making
  • assurance of compliance with relevant H&S regulations
  • staff buy-in to managing fatigue on- and offline
  • reduced likelihood of fatigue-induced human error leading to accidents

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