Safety in construction is not a one-and-done arrangement. To ensure that a site or project is as safe as possible, a strong safety culture must be established which includes ongoing education, reminders, and discussions around all aspects of safe work.

Also, safety is a vital part of finishing your project on or under budget. Downtime is costly, as is finding replacement workers when someone cannot do their job after an accident. Worker’s compensation claims and lawsuits can drive up your insurance costs. Focusing on safety helps keep your costs low.

Safety on Construction Sites Protects the Public 

Not only does safety on construction site protect your workers, but it also keeps the public safe. Construction sites are usually located in busy areas where the general public is coming and going. Inadequate safety protocols can allow objects to fall on innocent bystanders, putting people not even connected to the project at high risk.

Safety Reduces Work-Related Accidents

Not only does construction site safety decrease the risk of injuries to the public, but it also reduces the risk of work-related injuries and accidents. OSH Nigeria estimates that there were 1,102 fatal injuries in construction industry in 2019, these deaths represented 20.7% of total workplace fatalities in the united states. Falls, Slip and Trips were the most frequent type of fatal accident in the construction industry. many more injuries that do not lead to death occur as well. Falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, or being caught in between equipment, are the four most common causes of accidental deaths and other injuries. Having a culture of safety reduces the risk of these types of accidents.

Decrease Time and Money Lost After an Accident

When an accident occurs that causes an injury or death, work stops. The severe nature of these accidents require investigation, and work cannot continue while the research is underway.

Construction site accidents also drive up the overall cost of your project. Often equipment or supplies are damaged, and your overhead will increase. For injured workers, worker’s compensation claims can increase total operating costs. If the person injured is not part of the construction company, a lawsuit is likely. Keeping the construction site safe helps limit this risk, so your project can finish on time and budget.

Increase Compliance with a Dedication to Safety

Even if accidents do not occur, an unsafe workplace is a risk. OSH Nigeria and other regulatory agencies require specific standards of safety, both on the federal and state levels. If you do not adhere to these regulations, you are putting your company at risk because an unsafe work environment can lead to fines and penalties if your failures come to light. Following and exceeding current safety guidelines protects you against this genuine risk.

How to Build a Culture of Safety on Your Construction Site

With the benefits of a focus on safety being quite obvious, it is time to take a closer look at your construction site to see if you are doing all you can to protect your company. To build a culture of safety, make safety requirements a condition of employment. Host regular training to ensure everyone understands your safety recommendations, and reward workers who regularly make safety a priority.

Safety on the construction site is vital to protecting workers, protecting the public, and keeping the job running on time. By creating a culture of safety in your company, you can protect yourself and your clients from these risks.

Hazard Communication and Identification

It’s essential that everyone on the worksite is aware of the major hazards posing a risk to their safety. Generally, this starts with a Hazard Identification Risk Assessment program initiated and undertaken by management or a Site Safety Committee. The results and findings from these should be freely shared with the workers, and this can be done during a safety meeting or toolbox talk.

Regular updates on identified hazards and the protocols in place to mitigate them should be a common feature of meetings, ensuring that everyone stays in the loop. Safety meetings are also an opportunity to collect information straight from the shop floor, so to speak. Workers should be encouraged to share near misses and general safety concerns, which may offer insight to those responsible for hazard identification.

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